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African Insight is the first South African tour operator to fully embrace the principles of Responsible Tourism, which underpins all our operations and business practices.

We are constantly developing creative new adventure travel opportunities in South Africa to achieve our mission. We work in partnership with a variety of established credible partners in delivering various aspects of our program.

Our Mission
To enrich lives by creating unique interactive South African experiences which are fun, affordable, sustainable and promote the diverse Natural, historic and cultural heritage of our country. Our aim is to facilitate and uphold the objectives of Responsible Tourism through the establishment of vital partnerships, which provide benefit to local communities and support projects involved in environmental and biodiversity conservation

We are committed to tourism which does not impact negatively either on local people and/or fragile ecosystems, but instead, inspires our travellers to respect and conserve our planet for future generations.

Director and owner, Andrew Anderson, has been working in the professional conservation and tourism industry since 1986. Using his professional qualification in nature conservation he worked in Zululand for the well-known and respected Natal Parks Board (Now KZN wildlife) for 11 years, before starting his own business in wildlife and environmental travel.


The success of our business is related to how we connect with people. Our entire team of sales and travel consultants, administration staff and our guides share the African Insight vision, but their greatest strength is their ability to reach out to people and share with them their passion for South Africa’s people, wildlife and wilderness areas. Our guides are the backbone of our business and are all highly experienced and qualified.

African Insight is the ideal travel partner in two core markets; Academic field trips for tertiary education institutions and Youth Development Programmes for secondary schools, on a fully escorted, guided basis.

South Africa is an amazing location for educational field trips, particularly those based on personal developments, adventurous activities, wildlife, biodiversity, conservation, environmental studies, agricultural, anthropology, archaeology, developing world economies and sustainable tourism, to name a few.

The combination of Africa’s best wildlife destinations, oldest wilderness areas, vast open spaces, diverse landscapes, vibrant traditional cultures and first world infrastructure, makes South Africa unlike any other African country and creates the opportunity for potentially life changing travel experiences for Students.

Our aim is to take groups of youngsters on a journey of discovery, which will enrich not only their own lives but those of the communities they meet along the way.

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