Kirklee College Trip

Weather wise this was the most interesting trip so far. This started off in Amsterdam where their plane was delayed for over an hour while the flight crew defrosted the ice from the wings after having just left a chilly England with temperatures plummeting to around -6°C. OR Tambo’s temperature at 23h00 was easily hovering…

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A Wilderness Experience with my team by Picket

Walking trails is my passion and to have another opportunity to do so in Somkhanda Game reserve with my team of interns just made my week. We had a very successful walking trail based at Scotia camp from the 18th to the 21st of February 2015 with Imo, Ursina, Umpile and Kieran. This walking trail…

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AZUSA Pacific University – Groups 3 & 4: Imfolozi Game Reserve

It is always a pleasure guiding Azusa Pacific University and this trip was no exception. Group 3 were there first and, although they saw some great animals, didn’t do as well as group 4. Having said this they had different, more exciting and frightening experiences, just no cats which group 4 managed to get. As…

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