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African Insight has 20 years' experience in tourism.  The company has a tour operating division and a destination management division offering a hospitality internship where you will gain experience and insight into a variety of concept/practices that are on the cutting edge of this industry, such as:

  • Responsible / Sustainable Ecotourism.  Although African Insight does not hold a formal accreditation in RT, the principles are entrenched in the business model.
  • Community tourism Using tourism as an economic driver for rural communities is entrenched in the company's mission.
  • Conservation / Academic tourism African Insight has pioneered the concept of academic tourism focusing on conservation, environmental and wildlife management study areas.
  • Experiential Tourism African Insight does not view tourism from the traditional self-indulgent point of view but rather as a two-way opportunity (between client and destination) that offers experiences with tangible benefits to both sides of the transaction.

On this Eco Tourism and Hospitality internship, you will be involved in the day to running of the hospitality on the reserve where you will learn the fundamentals of what it takes to run the tourism on a game reserve

The groundbreaking work African Insight has done in the above areas led to African Insight being approached to develop a partnership with Somkhanda Game Reserve to develop and manage a suitable tourism business model.  For African Insight this was an ideal opportunity to take the concept of the academic tourism model to another level – the establishment of a unique and comprehensive eco-tourism model based on academic and experiential youth tourism that adds to financial sustainability of the community, the reserve as well as aiding in the collection of vital scientific data of the fauna and flora. African Insight dubbed this model as “Science on Safari”.



Traditionally community conservation areas have been locked into a hunting economic model where professional hunting outfitters are contracted to remove excess wildlife on a sustainable basis.  The Somkhanda model is a ground-breaking departure from this model offering a suite of additional socio-economic benefits.

Some activities you can be involved in on this Hospitality Internship is:

  • Reception - Checking in guests and showing them to their rooms
  • Hosting - Ensuring the guests are looked after during evening dinner service, the fire is lit, and meals come out timeously and hot
  • Lodge, Camp & Community Reservations
  • Office administration – often the make or break of an organisation is the systems that it uses to manage all aspects of the business.
  • Catering - Placing food orders, town shopping trips
  • Room Checks - Ensuring that the rooms are properly prepared and ready for guests arrival
  • Safari camp setup - some groups / programmes require the setting up of mobile safari camps and fields kitchens
  • General maintenance and repairs – running a camp in a remote location means that there is no option of calling out the local plumber, carpenter, handyman etc. Being able to handle the basics is essential.
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Quick Info

  • Next Starting Date: 09 January 2017
  • Accommodation Type: Tented camp and Shared ablutions
  • Meals: Meals are not included but a shared kitchen is provided and there are weekly trips to town to stock up on consumables
  • Price: EUR 1855
                 USD 2075
                 GBP 1560
                 ZAR 24 300

Other interns and volunteers

There is a strong possibility that you will be living in the intern camp with other interns and volunteers from both local and international backgrounds


All meals are for your own account, but weekly town trips will be provided to give you the opportunity to stock up on consumables

There is only one service provider that offers good coverage on the reserve and it generally has excellent connectivity.  We keep a stock of a local SIM card for mobiles.  We have some internet dongles for the use of volunteers and interns into which you can insert your sim card to connect to the internet.

Included in the fees:

  • Pick up upon arrival at Durban International Airport
  • Bush Camp Accommodation
  • Professional rangers to supervise you
  • Use of laundry facilities

Excluded from the fees:

  • Meals
  • Other personal expenses
  • Insurances
  • Flights


Starting Dates

Starting Dates

The reserve is remote and therefore intern arrivals and departures are coordinated to save on transport costs. Arrival is at Durban International airport and the transfer to Somkhanda Game Reserve leaves at 10h00. Transport is provided to departing interns (free only on the scheduled dates) back to Durban International Airport and will drop interns off at 15h00.


09 January - 31 March
06 February - 28 April
06 March - 26 May
03 April - 23 June
01 May - 21 July
29 May - 18 August
26 June - 15 September
24 July - 13 October
21 August - 10 November
18 September - 08 December

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