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Three 3-12 month internships in South Africa are available on the 12,000ha Somkhanda Game Reserve. This opportunity is aimed at registered postgraduate students looking for a research project / opportunity. Preference will be given to students that have done an undergraduate academic field trip with African Insight.

Interns will be trained and thereafter responsible for ongoing field data collection on a range of research and monitoring projects. If you do not have your own project you can get involved in the ongoing projects which currently include:

  • Leopard Camera Trap Surveys,
  • Black Rhino browse availability surveys,
  • Analysis of rhino movement patterns,
  • Analysis and management of game water-points,
  • Game counts,
  • Potential to participate in management activities such as game capture, game introductions and priority species monitoring.

In addition, interns will be trained to facilitate academic field trips and Science on Safari programmes.

Submission of private research project proposals are welcomed and will be evaluated and approved on a case by case basis based on relevance to management objectives of the game reserve. Depending on the requirements of the project there may be additional costs that need to be covered.

Priorities for research projects include:

  • Factors influencing rhino productivity
  • Production of a vegetation map and development of a veld assessment programme
  • Development of a suitable game count methodology
Ecology Internship

Ecological Research Interns

Ecological Research interns have the opportunity to get involved in vegetation assessments or game counts among other ongoing projects which in turn will provide a much greater understanding of game reserve management. Interns are also given an opportunity to participate in management activities such as game captures and introductions.

This internship in South Africa offers you a unique insight into the research techniques used by a range of professionals who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Conservation Management Internship

Conservation Management Internship

Conservation managers are the backbone of a game reserve, the ones that keep the effective day to day running of the reserve going. A veritable “jack of all trades” requiring a very wide range of skills and experience including water provision (for people and wildlife), road, vehicle and infrastructure maintenance, fencing, anti-poaching / law enforcement as well as biological management.  They, therefore, require a working knowledge of what ecological and security staff do.

For this reason, we have introduced a conservation management internship as part of our internships in South Africa where you will get involved in the day to day running of Somkhanda giving you a great insight into what you can expect a conservation manager

Hospitality Internship

Eco Tourism and Hospitality Intern

Somkhanda Academy offers 3 –12 month hospitality internships in South Africa on Somkhanda Game Reserve in South Africa, is available to individuals that (i) have completed (or are in the process of) a relevant field of study, (ii) are looking for work experience or in need of practical experience as part of their studies or (iii) are considering tourism as a future career.

On this internship, you will be involved with lodge management and will assist with day to day running of the lodge. You will work alongside the reserve manager and will assist with room allocations and reservations among other things.

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