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Kosi Bay, although in a remote part of northern KwaZulu-Natal, is well worth a visit for the beauty of its isolated white beaches, palm-fringed reed channels, lakes, and waterways. Known for its traditional system of fish-trapping in woven baskets, this little-known area is one of Zululand's loveliest holiday destinations.

Although KwaZulu-Natal is renowned for its beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and dramatic history, Kosi Bay, in the far north, is not as well known to international travellers as some of the province’s glitzier attractions, such as the many game reserves, battlefields, and coastal resorts.

One reason is that Kosi Bay is not that easy to get to, but when you find yourself amidst its lakes, reed channels, and dazzling white beaches, you’ll be delighted you made the effort.

Another reason for visiting this lovely area is to see the Leatherback and loggerhead turtles. Beaches here are their traditional breeding ground and to follow one of the great leatherbacks (weighing up to 450kg and over 2m in length) as she hauls herself uphill from the surf beyond the tide line to dig her deep hole and then lay over 100 white glistening eggs is the experience of a lifetime. Nesting time is October to February.


Day 1:

Arrive at Utshwayelo – early afternoon

3 pm:  4x4 transfer through to Memela Lodge.

Overnight: Memela (Dinner provided)

Day 2:

Guided Hike to Blackrock: 13.5km via dog point or 10km return hike via the more direct route. Have lunch on the beach with the opportunity to swim and snorkel (some rocks – good for snorkelling).Hike back to camp.

Overnight: Memela (Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch on beach trip).

Day 3:

15km hike to Bhanga Nek and back up to 3rd Lake Boat launch for 3 Lakes Boat trip

+ 2km hike from Boat drop-off (1st Lake) up to Utshwayelo Lodge. Approx  5hr hiking time

Hiking through open savannah, sand & dune forest to the famous Bhanga Nek beach. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean, before embarking on the 3 Lakes boat trip which will take you from 3rd Lake Eastern shore, through the channels to First Lake. At First Lake, you will get an opportunity to visit & learn about the traditional fish traps (a Tonga fishing technique) and go snorkelling near the channel and mangrove banks in First Lake. After being dropped off on the Western shore of First Lake you will hike up to Utshwayelo – a final 2km of hiking.

Overnight: Utshwayelo (Dinner, Breakfast & Packed Lunch from Memela).

Day 4:

Circular day hike past Lake Zilonde - finishing back at the mouth to snorkel in the Kosi Bay mouth.  Hike back up to Utshwayelo (2km)

Overnight: Utshwayelo (Dinner, Breakfast & Packed Lunch)

 Day 5:

Departure day

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  • All participants are 15 years or older.
  • Itineraries are for a minimum of 10 days groups consist of a minimum of 10 participants
  • Groups are accompanied by at least 1 adult per 10 students
  • All participants agree to sign a responsible tourism code of conduct
  • Proof of travel insurance before arrival



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Lakes, Dunes & Sea Trip
Lakes, Dunes & Sea Trip
Lakes, Dunes & Sea Trip